Stephen Potter

Hello there, my name is Stephen Potter and I am a photographer from Derby, England. Thank you for stopping by to look at my site.

I have been interested in transport since my late teens and over the years have taken many photographs, Most of the pictures here have been taken since I turned to digital photography in the early 2000's but there are also some scans of older work.

I live in Derby so the bulk of my truck photography is near Derby or the Peak District of Derbyshire. This is reflected in many of the pictures being taken at a handful of sites but these are used because they have been proved to be both photogenic (in my opinion) and productive in the number of trucks that pass. Apologies though if a number of shots are a little similar. There is also a bias towards local Derbyshire operators. No apologies there, just that I like to feature local companies.

As well as road transport, my interests include Land Rovers, railways and natural history and I am a passionate landscape photographer. During my 20's and 30's I was also a caver and diver.

I work in the railway industry at a train maintenence depot. As it involves shiftwork, I am able to get out and about with a camera during the week when most trucks are working.

My photographic style is photographing the trucks on the road or working. I am not a fan of trucks parked in truckstops, I prefer the truck as part of the landscape. I also steer away from all pictures being taken in sunshine. We live in a country where the weather can be very variable and I have attempted to show it in it's many moods.

I hope you enjoy the pictures but please note that all photographs contained within this website are the sole copyright of Stephen Potter. Under no circumstances should any pictures be used in any publications or on any
internet websites without written permission from Stephen Potter.

If you wish to contact me my e-mail address is:
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